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The senseless murder of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton was the impetus for this project.  In January 2013, this honor student performed at the inauguration celebration for the president of the United States.  Two weeks later after returning home, she is murdered by a youth who mistook her group for someone else.


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Drive-by shootings continue to be a source of the problem. Many times, an unintended person becomes victim to someone's irresponsible rage.



One source of handgun deaths is due to handgun owners who fail to secure their handguns.  Guns in the home that are left unsecured have a very high chance of being found by children who will injure themselves or another person.


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The sources of handgun violence are many and diverse.  There is the handgun that is fired in anger or the handgun that is left unattended and secured.  Suicide is the leader in deaths by handguns and unattended handguns may be handled by depressed or mentally ill persons.  Handguns fired recklessly have caused deaths time and again. Unsupervised children sometime are regrettably the source of handgun deaths.  Sometimes a tragedy is as simple as meanness or stupidity.  Everyone has a role in minimizing and eventually eliminating this problem.
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