Creating a Poster      


Artist Darryl A. Chamberlain demonstrates how an idea becomes a final image.

1. It starts with a pencil sketch of the concept.

2. The sketch is photographed and loaded into Photoshop.  Here the artist can do color tests and try a variety of ideas before starting the painting.

3. Work on this painting begins with the eye.  Usually the artist tries to cover as much of the paper as possible with color but in this case, the artist starts in the middle with the eye.

4. Work on the eye continues.  Because the eye is so large, it is important to capture the detail within the eye such as the tears ducts and how the eyelid covers the eye.


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5. The glass is colored one fragment at a time.


6. The eye is only partially complete.  The eyelashes and eyebrow will be added last.

7. Here you can see the lower glass fragments being completed.  Once all of the glass is complete, the eye will be retouched to ensure that it is the focal point of the picture.


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Creating a Poster






8. The picture is almost complete.  Once the image is completed, the picture will be photographed and loaded into Photoshop where the text will be added.

9. This basically what the final image will look like.  However, the picture will be professionally photographed for the best image and the final version will be similar but the text will most likely be adjusted and the TIP's hotline will be used instead of Crime-stoppers.  This image however, serves as a guideline for the final formatting of the image.


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